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Name:A fan community for The 100
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A fan community for The 100
The 100 is a sci-fi show that airs on the CW. Season 3 will be coming in March 2016. Season 1 is available on Netflix and Season 2 should be available there in a few months.

This is a fan community for all things The 100. We are open to all types of fanworks - fic, vids, icons, art, gifsets, fanmixes, podcasts, meta, rec lists, resource posts, episode discussion, etc. You may link to content hosted on other sites (i.e. AO3, tumblr).

This community is all inclusive, which means the focus can be on any character or pairing. However, leave your ship wars and character bashing at home or you will be banned.


1. Don't be an ass. Please respect your fellow community members.
2. Please use a header for fanworks outside of the cut. The only requirement is warnings or a stated "Choose Not to Warn"
For example:
Subject line: [Type of fanwork] Title, Rating

Author/artist/vidder name
Warnings or state Choose Not to Warn
Optional: Wordcount, Genre, Character, Pairing

3. Put the fanwork behind the cut.
Icon and Art posts may have up to 3 icons or one 400x400 image outside of the cut. One vid embed may be above the cut.
4. All spoilers go behind a cut

For any problems or questions contact [personal profile] tassosss.

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